Miss Natalie McLachlan was born in Recklinghausen, Germany on September 12th 1973 as daughter of a German mother and an English father.

She studied German law at the University of Trier, where she graduated in 1999. She also obtained a Diploma in Legal language in Spanish and completed the Legal language course in French. She specialised in the area of International Private Law and Comparative Law. Within her vocational training Miss McLachlan made an internship at FERNÁNDEZ BRANIFF ABOGADOS, S.C., where she obtained knowledge of the Mexican law system.

After her graduation Miss McLachlan started her mastery at the Supreme Court of the District of Düsseldorf. During this vocational training, she worked at the Civil Court, as Public Prosecutor and in a Public Company. Besides that she collaborated at the law firm BUSE HEBERER FROMM, DÜSSELDORF where she obtained knowledge and experience in the areas of Civil-, Commercial- and Corporate Law, Agreements, and the granting of EU-licences, she also translated contracts and by-laws from German into English.

As last stage of her mastery Miss McLachlan again worked at FERNÁNDEZ BRANIFF ABOGADOS S.C.. She collaborated in the areas of International Arbitration, Commercial- and Corporate Law Foreign Investments and translated Contracts and by-laws from Spanish into English.

In her childhood Miss McLachlan lived in Mexico-City and after going back to Germany stayed in contact with the land and its people, therefore and because of her family background she speaks Spanish and English fluently. Her French can be classified as good. This allows her to personally  support most of our foreign and especially German clients in their business in Mexico.

After obtaining her authorisation as solicitor in Germany this year, Miss McLachlan will participate at FERNÁNDEZ BRANIFF ABOGADOS, S.C., as external associate attorney.