“An alliance of Independently Owned Law Firms”

Since several years, the Firm has participated with other Firms of the United States of America, Center and South America and also Europe in the conformation of a Group of Firms that may render worldwide legal services of the highest prestige in all law areas around the world such as: Corporate Law, Financial Law, Agreements, Manufacture Companies (Maquiladoras), International Commercial Law, Foreign Investment, Licenses, Trademarks, Labor Law, Privatization, Criminal Law, Civil, Commercial and Arbitration Lawsuits.

Due to the above, on January 22, 2002 an alliance of Law Firms was conformed with the following countries: United States of America (-Florida; Boca Ratón, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Boston, Ma. West Palm Beach, Fl., Chicago Illinois-); Mexico (-Mexico, City, Veracruz and Chihuahua-); Argentina (Buenos Aires); Brazil (-Sao Paolo - Rio de Janeiro-); Chile (Santiago de Chile); Costa Rica (San Jose); Panamá (Panamá); Puerto Rico (San Juan); Venezuela (Caracas); Republica Dominicana, (Santo Domingo); Uruguay (Montevideo); Venezuela (Caracas); Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo. Lleida and Valladolid) and Portugal (Lisboa), with a current potential of approximately 300 lawyers of the different law areas.